Branding Through Ideas

Posted on February 02, 2015
Posted by Rahna

My focus is on personal branding, but the strategies I use come from the corporate marketing world. So I often get inspiration about how to help people build their personal brand by looking at what corporate brand managers are doing. This year’s Super Bowl afforded plenty of inspiration.

The commercials that made the biggest buzz in my house were those that put forth an idea—a concept that the advertiser believes is an integral part of their brand:

  •  Coke makes people happy
  • McDonald’s is spreadin’ the love
  • Always wants to empower young women and change world perceptions about what it means to #ThrowLikeaGirl
  • Carnival wants us to return to our origins, tapping in to John F. Kennedy’s speech that tells us that “we are part of the sea”

Brand managers need to maximize their Super Bowl ad spend. Espousing an idea is much more compelling and enduring than merely pushing the product.  If the idea resonates with us, the associated brand will resonate as well.

You can view all of the Super Bowl ads here:

So what ideas would you put forth? If you had to make a commercial that conveyed your personal brand in a way that showed you as a champion of an idea, what would that idea be? What would you espouse?

Leave your comments below and let me know.


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