Many of the branding and marketing best practices translate form the for-profit world into the not-for-profit world…but some things are just different.  Because we believe that branding is just as important in the not-for-profit space, Rahna has adapted winning strategies from the corporate world to fit the temperment and needs of the not-for-profit.  These programs have been specifically  tailored for charitable organizations to allow them to maximize their branding, marketing and fundraising efforts.  Choose from any one of these great programs:

  • Storytelling Secrets for Donor-Centered Fundraising
  • The Non-Profit Guide to Crafting Compelling Elevator Pitch
  • A Board Member’s Guide to Sharing The Mission (Marketing Training for Your Board)
  • Getting Personal with Your Fundraising (Training for Your Development Team)
  • Private coaching for the CEO, Executive Director or Board Chair

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