Bring this dynamic speaker to your audience to motivate, inspire and educate!

Your Branding Edge
 helps people discover the power of fully expressing their own personal brand so they can turbocharge their career.  Rahna is available for keynote speaking engagements, experiential workshops, in-depth training and individual coaching programs. She has taught the Your Branding Edge program to corporate clients, professional associations, to individuals at the executive level, as well as high school, college and post-graduate audiences.

In these sessions, audience members will learn:

  • How to discover their own unique personal brand
  • How clear personal branding can transform their careers
  • How personal brands and company brands can enhance each other
  • How to develop an action plan to clarify their personal brand to others

Delivered with high energy, passion and power, this program conveys the most important highlights of the Your Branding Edge program. Conference or meeting participants will be so inspired to be the change they want to see in their own business lives. They will be energized to attend the other sessions and eager to put those ideas into action, making your event memorable, impactful, and worthy of their time and attention. Usually 20-60 minutes

Experiential Keynote
Slightly longer than the Keynote, this program provides all the inspiration and content covered in the keynote, but also allows participants to dive into some of the concepts and interact more with the speaker and each other. This is ideal for longer keynote opportunities. Usually 1-3 hours.

Breakout Sessions/Workshops
These 1-4 hour sessions include individualized activities and an opportunity to work in small groups to dig more deeply into Your Branding Edge concepts and apply those concepts to the development of their own personal branding plans.

In-depth Training
These full-day or multi-day programs are perfect for those who want to empower executives and professionals to fully discover and explore the details of their personal brand as well as develop an action plan for clearly communicating their personal brand in their world.


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