“If only my previous employer had hired you!”

Susan McNamara - Marketing Consultant

“This is one of the most positive and professional presentations I have ever attended. This presentation really got me to thinking more about my personal brand and improving my impact on other lives.”

David McClau

“I have to say, hands down, she owned the room. Fun, vibrant, inspiring…, She truly is the spark that ignites the change and growth within people and their businesses! I would highly recommend Rahna.”

Chana Monahan - President, Litchfield County Women’s Network

“I loved your presentation yesterday, and we are getting rave reviews on the "excellent" speaker and her presentation. Your delivery was outstanding and the content was very substantive. You really hit it out of the ball park yesterday.”

Judy Rosenthal - Program Facilitator, Jewish Employment Transition Services

"I like the coaches sitting in and brainstorming during breakout session."

Xingcheng Hua - Mass Mutual, Executive Development Program

"Great energy, very clear, concise, very helpful."

Matt Billard - Xillion Design

"This course is extremely valuable in helping me more clearly identify and articulate my brand. Thank you!"

Kate Ciriello - Mass Mutual Executive Development Program

"Thank you so much for being a part of this professional development series. You definitely inspired the women who attended, especially me!"

Bernadine Franco - Bay Path College

"Thank you for sharing your talent and perspective with us. First ... you really connected with my team....The messages you delivered really resonated...defining and managing the most important brand in your life...YOU. I saw lots of light bulbs turning on ... and it was wonderful how you took some opportunities to bring in your personal experiences ... great illustrations and way to connect ... Fabulous!"

Yvonne Lieblein - Owner, Lieblein Associates

“I think a lot of people, especially introverts, need to hear you!”

Kathy Valade

"I learned how important it is to branch out and take risks."

Kathleen Blessing - Alcoa, Sales Assistant

"These invaluable lessons are so basic; it’s amazing how few focus on their own brand…Kudos! Brilliant concept."

Bette McIntire - Management Consultant

"Your Branding Edge was both a great reminder of things I can be doing all the time to turbocharge my career, as well as a wonderful list of suggestions of additional things to do. Rahna's use of stories and questions made it easy and enjoyable to read and learn. I recommend this book to anyone who wants to step their career up a notch by adding a turbocharger."

Kim Butler - President, Partners For Prosperity, Inc.