Posted on December 01, 2014
Posted by Rahna


Look at this image and imagine what could be wrapped inside these packages.  I’m not talking about things; I’m talking about ideas.  No matter what your salary is, you have amazing gifts to give.  What are the gifts that you have to give in your business life?  Hopefully you can think of tons right off the top of your head.  If not, let me help you.  Maybe you have patience to give, or insight, or perseverence, or specialized knowledge..ooh, encouragement, that’s a great gift.  Or how about organization and order (that’s I gift I always desperately need!)?

Your personal brand is comprised of so many different wonderful qualities that the world needs!  Even as all the TV commercials would have you focus on Cyber Monday shopping or even tomorrow on Giving Tuesday, take some time to think about what you have to give.

Happy Giving!

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